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Who we are

Antsomi is a tech startup focusing on artificial intelligence-driven marketing technology. With the mission to help businesses to transform into data-driven companies, Antsomi built the first AI-enabled customer data platform, CDP 365, in Southeast Asia.

As customer data platforms become the core of many businesses, Antsomi helps companies to unify and activate their customer data, through CDP 365, and related services.

Co-founded by digital veterans in the region, Antsomi set up its headquarter in Singapore, with branch offices in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Antsomi CDP 365 helps businesses to decode their customer data, understand the nuances of their customer lifecycles, and act on them – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Dr. Dinh Le Dat
& Serm Teck Choon

Our History

Antsomi Company History


Dat and Serm met and shared the same passion about using digital solutions to transform businesses. They constantly brainstormed on how to use data to help businesses, and such discussions set the foundation of a future partnership.


Dat and his engineering team started building data related modules for large clients in Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. These clients bulletproofed the software with multi-billion monthly queries, which set the foundation for the enterprise software they would build in the future.


Dat and Serm shared beliefs that the center of businesses will be customer data. A platform to unify and activate customer data in the region is needed. Thus, Antsomi, a marketing technology company with a mission to help businesses to transform into data-driven companies, was born.

2020 Jun

Antsomi officially launched its brand with its flagship product Antsomi CDP 365 in the region, which includes Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Coming up next, the Antsomi roadshow. Stay tuned for more updates.

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These are some of the companies that use Antsomi CDP 365 from retail to e-commerce, online marketplaces, and national TV OTT service providers.

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