ANTSOMI.com is Antsomi’s website, a marketing channel to reach out to their leads and clients.

We collect data to be able to:

  1. Provide reports about our web traffic. e.g., x unique visitors clicked on a specific banner.
  2. Decide which ad or message we should deliver to the visitors.

Who has access to this data?

Only the Antsomi team has access to the information collected from the site.

We never provide nor sell the data collected to any 3rd parties.

Internally at Antsomi, only staff at IT Operations have access to the raw logs at the servers.

What we store:

  1. Which ad or message was shown, when, and where (geolocation)
  2. How long was the message visible in the browser
  3. From the browser’s USER_AGENT string, we get:
    – Which browser
    – Browser language
    – Operating system
  4. Other data our clients provide for their own use

What we don’t store:

1. personal information such as:
– IP addresses
– email addresses
– people’s names
– phone numbers

2. browser information such as:
– font cache
– screen resolution
– plugins

What do we use cookies for?

Some data is only stored in the visitor’s browser and not at our servers.