We deliver highly customized solutions across various industries

Antsomi CDP 365 unifies your first-party data, making the single customer view the center of all your customer lifecycle and driving the performance of your marketing and sales programs.



We help the retail industry manage their omnichannel experiences seamlessly.


E-Commerce & Marketplace

We create new revenue streams for e-commerce and online marketplaces.



We drive the media’s engagement with their audience via personalization.

How CDP 365 works

Antsomi Infinity Marketing Framework

From customer acquisition to loyalty-building among customers, enterprises can finally provide an omnichannel experience to their customers by creating a 360-degree customer view by Profile + Insights, making CDP 365 the core of their operation, and using Marketing Hub + API Hub to deliver personalized and relevant messages. Ultimately, enterprises will drive customer lifetime value and sustainable growth for their businesses while providing a better customer experience to the new and existing customers.

105 B+

Event Logs/Month

69 B+

E-commerce Behaviors/Month

3 B+

Sales Transactions (in USD)/Year

10 B+

Personalization Requests/Month


Retail & Omnichannel

The world of retail is constantly evolving, with customers engaging in the shopping experience both online and offline now.

How then do retailers provide a seamless buying experience in a world with multiple customer touchpoints?

Antsomi addresses this by empowering retailers to manage their omnichannel experiences by:

  • Making the shopping experience seamless across the web, mobile, social and in-stores
  • Designing specific use cases tackling various stages of the customer journey in 365 days
  • Retaining, upselling, and cross-selling to existing customers with personalized offers and incentives

E-Commerce & Marketplace

E-commerce and online marketplaces are the darlings of the digital world, with their business constantly revolving around delivering numbers. Creating new revenue streams is the mandate for them.

Antsomi drives new revenue streams for e-commerce and online marketplaces by:

  • Acquiring loyal shoppers at scale across channels to drive higher revenues at better margins
  • Increasing online purchases through real-time personalized customer experience
  • Boosting revenues of sellers and brands via personalized ads within and off the marketplace


Media companies are constantly trying to figure out how to engage with their audiences while they consume content.

Antsomi empowers media companies’ engagement with their audience by:

  • Creating exceptional media user experiences with personalized customer journeys
  • Increasing users' content consumption with real-time personalization
  • Converting freemium users to paid subscribers by AI-driven engagement

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