Antsomi, a regional marketing technology company that built the first artificial intelligence-enabled customer data platform (CDP) native to Southeast Asia, is included in Marketing Technology Landscape 2022, a joint production between ChiefMarTec (Scott Brinker) and MartechTribe (Frans Riemersma).

The company was featured in the CDP category, alongside other CDP players in the world, as shown below:

The highly anticipated landscape was released On May 3, 2022 which was coined International Martech Day (#MartechDay).

The project has evolved and become “Martech Map”, a new interactive site at martechmap.com. The free-to-use site lets you search, sort, and filter the entire landscape. The users can search by keyword, filter by a vendor’s HQ country, rearrange the display, zoom in, and even create a PDF of their own.

Some other highlights of the release are as below:

  • The number of solutions is now 9,932 — up 24% from 2020
  • 6,521% growth over those 11 years

Check out more details here, and Merry #MartechDay to you!