We are excited to share with you that Antsomi CDP 365 has been categorized by CDP Institute as a “Delivery” CDP, which includes all levels of CDP functions – Data, Analytics, Campaigns, and Delivery! 

CDP Institute just released its “Customer Data Platform Industry Update: July 2020” report. In this latest report, CDP Institute added Antsomi, to their CDP Vendor Summary and categorized Antsomi CDP 365 as “Delivery” CDP. Antsomi achieved this recognition in less than two months after the regional marketing technology company launched its brand and its first product, CDP 365, on Jun 3rd, 2020. 

CDP Institute: Antsomi CDP 365 is a "Delivery" CDP
CDP Institute: Antsomi CDP 365 is a “Delivery” CDP

CDP Institute is a global organization with a mission to educate marketers about the issues, methods, and technology used to manage customer data, with a special focus on Customer Data Platforms.

CDP Vendor Categories by CDP Institute:

  1. Data CDP: As the minimum requirement to meet the definition of CDP, Data CDP unifies customer data and creates customer identities. It can then create audience segments that can be pushed to external systems.
  2. Analytics CDP: Analytics CDP unifies data and provides analytics, which includes customer segmentation, machine learning, predictive modeling, revenue attribution, and journey mapping.
  3. Campaigns CDP: Campaign CDP unifies data, provides analytics, and execute campaigns, which include personalized messages, outbound marketing campaigns, real-time interactions, or product or content recommendations.
  4. Delivery CDP: Delivery CDP unifies data, provides analytics, executes campaigns, and facilitates message delivery, which includes email, Web site, mobile apps, CRM, advertising, etc. 

Apart from data (Profile), analytics (Insights), and campaigns (Marketing Hub), Antsomi CDP 365 provides message delivery for the following channel engagements:


  • Advanced E-commerce Ads – CDP 365 helps clients activate the ad campaigns in their digital assets (website and mobile app) with IAB formats and dynamic ad formats. CDP 365 acts as AdServer integrated with DMP and CDP functionalities driven by AI-based personalization, to deliver the targeting ads with tracking metrics and attributions. Our e-commerce and marketplace clients also use CDP 365 for providing the self-serve ads and native ads system for themselves or their sellers, respectively.
  • Programmatic Direct – CDP 365 helps clients activate the audience buying (programmatic direct) with publishers in which CDP 365 acts as DMP to target the audience and deliver the ads by integrating with publishers’ AdServers.
  • Private Ad Network – CDP 365 allows clients to aggregate the inventory across publisher networks and deliver the targeted ads with specific audience segments. This feature works like a private ad network for clients to optimize campaign performance.

Website and Mobile App

  • Web and Mobile Experience – CDP 365 helps clients deliver the recommendation and personalization experiences, including pop-up, content widget, product widget, dynamic menu, dynamic pricing, in web and in-app.

With what mentioned above, Antsomi CDP 365 is an artificial intelligence-enabled marketing technology software that empowers everyday businesses to understand each of their individual customers’ profiles at scale and drive impactful marketing actions via multiple channels, both online and offline, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.