“Let’s say I’d like to start having a data-driven strategy today. Is there anything I will need to have?” Jan Wong (OpenMinds), the moderator of the “Building a Data-driven Strategy for Your Company” panel discussion at MarketingFest Asia, asked the panelists including Darren Chong (ADA), Gurun Nevada Dharan (Shipper), and Antsomi’s co-founder & CEO Serm Teck […]

Our first thought leadership article for the Indonesian market has been published by Marketeers, the leading Indonesian marketing trade: https://www.marketeers.com/mengapa-customer-data-platform-diperlukan/ We explain why businesses need Customer Data Platform and its differences with other techs! Thanks to Marketeers for featuring Antsomi and our partner, ProPS (PT Promedia Punggawa Satu).