Working with partners to encourage retailers and brands to take their first step towards omnichannel transformation, Antsomi was proud to participate in the “OMNICHANNEL PLAYBOOK: Conquering the Future of Unified Commerce” event held in Gem Center, Ho Chi Minh City.

The event was organised by SmartOSC and The Purpose Group on Dec 17th.

The event featured many distinguished speakers from key players in the industry. The keynote speakers are Mr. Nicholas Kontopoulos, Head of APAC Marketing, Adobe DX Commerce (Adobe), Thuy Tran, Country Head of Amazon Global Selling (Amazon), Phu Vo, Co-founder / Vice President (The Coffee House).

Apart from that, the following omnichannel experts also spoke at the event:

  • Nguyen Thanh Giang – CEO / Founder (The Purpose Group)
  • Jack Tran – Managing Director, Asia (SmartOSC)
  • Kaelyn Trinh – Agency Development Manager (Google)
  • Dinh Le Dat – Chairman / Co-founder (Antsomi)
  • Tran Van Anh – Managing Director (Brandmaker)
  • Son Dang – Managing Director of ANTS – Audience 360 (ANTS Digital)
  • Thu Tran – Digital Innovation Director (The Purpose Group)
Son Dang, Managing Director of ANTS-Audience 360 (ANTS Digital), shared an omnichannel case study on stage.

These speakers urged the retailers and brands to embrace omnichannel as the core of their businesses, with the following strategies:

  1. Omnichannel should start from communication: Brands need to understand their customers well by breaking them into various targeted audience segments, so they can deliver the right content (eg. short videos in The Coffee House case study) to their customers via platforms like Google or Facebook.
  2. Data maturity is the key: Brands need to know what customer data they own and work towards connecting the data with insights, such as transactions, interests, and behaviors. With such understanding, brands can connect the data back to engagement and marketing activities for generating better business outcomes.
  3. Implement the complete omnichannel solution: Brands need to onboard the complete omnichannel solution to enjoy the benefits of omnichannel commerce. Such a solution is available with the collaborations among SmartOSC (e-commerce), ANTS Digital, and Antsomi (the full-funnel marketing and orchestration with 360-degree customer views driven by Antsomi CDP 365)
Antsomi Co-founder/Chairman, Dinh Le Dat (right), joined the event virtually, with Nguyen Thanh Giang (centered on site), CEO/Founder (The Purpose Group), and Kaelyn Trinh (left), Agency Development Manager (Google).

With 100+ retailers and brands in Vietnam attending and 8000+ live views from social media, the event ended on a perfect note after 4 consecutive hours of provoking sessions and inspiring discussions.

Interested to find out more about the complete omnichannel solution that can boost up your business? You can contact us here.