Antsomi’s co-founder and chairman, Dinh Le Dat, presented the following topic at MarTech Conference & Expo 2021 held at Ho Chi Minh City on Jan 23rd: “The Roles and Use Cases of Customer Data Platform for Omnichannel Retail & Precision Marketing.”

MarTech Conference & Expo 2021 is the largest marketing event in Vietnam, attended by more than 2,000 industry peers.

Dat addressed a few key issues faced by retailers in this very different time now:

  • When retailers should start to implement the CDP
  • CDP checklist, RFP, and roadmap
  • Demo the real CDP use case in omnichannel retail

Dat shared three takeaways with the attendees of the event:

  1. Start with activation: When comes to omnichannel marketing for retail business, start with the end first: activation. From an activation standpoint, you then start understanding what data and channels you need to put in place in order to deliver the ultimate business outcomes.
  2. Offline Data & CRM: One of the game changers for omnichannel retail is how to connect your offline data to online activation. With such an end goal, cleansing and de-duplicating your offline data with CRM is a very crucial task for connecting offline data to activation.
  3. Precision Marketing & Customer Lifestage: Focus on precision marketing to deliver the right message to your customers at the right time, hence adding value in customer lifestage.