“Let’s say I’d like to start having a data-driven strategy today. Is there anything I will need to have?”

Jan Wong (OpenMinds), the moderator of the “Building a Data-driven Strategy for Your Company” panel discussion at MarketingFest Asia, asked the panelists including Darren Chong (ADA), Gurun Nevada Dharan (Shipper), and Antsomi’s co-founder & CEO Serm Teck Choon today.

Serm provided a very straightforward and vital framework to businesses that would like to embark on this journey:

People: The mindset plays a vital role. Start with making your team aware that building a data-driven strategy is essential. 

Business: Identity what your business objectives are. What do you want to achieve with a data-driven strategy or initiative?

Data: What data do you have? Or what data do you plan to collect, analyze, store and take action with it?

Technology: Identify the relevant technology to help you to achieve your business objective. Identify the right partner(s) who can help you to achieve the goal.