2 years ago (3rd Jun 2020), we launched Antsomi regionally with a mission to help clients to transform their businesses into data-driven companies.

To date, we have achieved the following:

? Customer Data Platform Institute recognised Antsomi CDP 365 as Delivery CDP.

Forrester recognised Antsomi as one of the active CDP players, alongside US-based big tech, in its recent APAC CDP report.

? Marketing Technology Landscape 2022, a joint production between ChiefMarTec and MartechTribe, featured Antsomi in the CDP category.

? We helped clients like ASUS SG to win the best personalisation award in the region, while Antsomi also won the Best Customer Data Platform award at the Best Solution Awards 2021 in Vietnam.

? More importantly, Antsomi has successfully signed up enterprise clients in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines.

We are taking this opportunity to thank all the clients, partners, media, investors, and all the Antsomians, for your great support and work!

It’s just the beginning of the journey. Stay tuned!