Antsomi’s co-founder & chairman, Dinh Le Dat, was invited as one of the speakers for the “Delivering a Delightful and Profitable Omnichannel Experience” session at Digital Acceleration Summit 2.0 held in Pakistan on 8th December 2022.

The session also featured Aamir Altaf, Regional Head, South East Asia & Pakistan: eCommerce & Multichannel at Google.

Dat shared the below in the session:

1. For brands to archive the optimal brand presence and optimize omnichannel ROI, it is essential to build a single customer view for developing the full-funnel marketing strategy where just attributing the online conversion with digital marketing is not enough. Brands are required to track the online to offline conversion with offline touchpoints such as CRM, POS, call centres, conversational commerce, etc.

2. Insights, a feature of Antsomi CDP 365, offers O2O reports for our retail clients in Southeast Asia. The feature shows our clients the ROAS of online to offline, where attribution is added with the offline conversion with digital ads and drives 2-3 times more if compared to the ROAS by just measuring the online conversion.

3. Apart from digital marketing, investing in marketing technologies like Customer Data Platform has become a strategic move for marketers to combine the powers of AdTech and MarTech to help them to achieve the ROI of omnichannel marketing.