Antsomi’s co-founder & CEO, Serm Teck Choon, was invited by DAAT Day 2023 as a guest speaker to present a session titled “How Customer Data Platform Empowers Brands with AI-driven Personalisation & Marketing Automation” alongside Russell Conrad, Founder & Managing Director of Audience IQ, on 31st August 2023.

Serm (pictured left) and Conrad shared the stage at DAAT Day 2023 held in Bangkok.

DAAT Day is one of the largest digital events in Thailand, and it’s organized by Digital Advertising Association Thailand (DAAT). It’s attended by over a thousand industry people who play key roles in driving the digital industry in the country.

Serm highlighted the martech trends in Thailand surrounding three key topics: Data, AI and Automation.

Serm shared with the audience how the customer data platform (CDP) works and its overview, with a case study on how Vietnam’s leading jewelry retailer, PNJ, uses CDP to empower its business operation and marketing activities with AI-driven personalisation and marketing automation.

Serm explained how Antsomi CDP 365 works and helps brands in AI-driven personalisation and marketing automation.
Serm presented a case study on how PNJ, the leading jewelry retailer in Vietnam, used CDP.

Conrad then shared another case study related to Dunlop Thailand and how the company uses CDP to empower its loyalty programme to boost retention rates and repeat purchases among its customers.

Conrad presented a case study on how Dunlop Thailand used CDP in its operation.
Conrad shared the tech stack involved in the project of Dunlop Thailand.

DAAT Day 2023, which was held at Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre, also offered a good opportunity to meet with industry friends from the region.

Serm (pictured left) and Antsomi’s co-founder & chairman, Dinh Le Dat (pictured right) met up with DAAT committee member, Eakchai Parichatikanon (middle, also CEO of Winter Egency).