On 8th Oct 2023, Antsomi’s co-founder & CEO Serm Teck Choon shared the stage with Ir Professor Dato’ Ewe Hong Tat, the president of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), and Prof. Dr. Mok Soon Chong, the Vice-Chancellor of New Era University College, in the AI forum held by Malaysia’s leading Chinese newspaper, Sin Chew Daily.

In the forum, they discussed the very topic of the era: “Is Artificial Intelligence a blessing or disaster to humanity?”

Serm shared his views on how we as humans should evolve to become better beings who know how to use AI tools to improve business operations and our daily lives. Serm also shared some examples, such as how lawyers and photographers use AI tools to improve their work qualities.

It was a fun and engaging session while the audience also asked many interesting questions.

After the event, Sin Chew Daily also ran a few articles reporting about what we discussed in the forum.