Antsomi’s co-founder & chairman, Dinh Le Dat, was invited by Forbes Vietnam as a keynote speaker for its Brand Conference 2023 held at Ho Chi Minh City on 17th October 2023.

Forbes Vietnam hosted the Brand Conference 2023 under the theme “From Creativity to Legacy.” In the conference, the industry experts and leaders offered valuable branding development insights amid customer behavior changes and new technologies creating new branding trends.

Dat presented at Forbes Vietnam’s Brand Conference 2023.

In his presentation, Dat shared the below pointers:

1. From Creativity to Legacy – Dat shared his view that creatives are a total brand experience that brands need to deliver to their consumers, and that is beyond product and pricing. The “Legacy” is about how brands can grow the customer lifetime value (CLV), and this triggers the marketing framework named “Lifecycle Marketing Model.”

2. Lifecycle Marketing Model – For the first time in Vietnam, Dat presented the concept of how a brand maximizes the marketing and sales ROI with a sustainable model for business growth driven by Lifecycle Marketing Model where all the consumers’ touch-points are activated with data-driven marketing campaigns. These include anonymous touch-point with digital ads (click and visit website), 1st purchase to N-th purchase, loyalty building, and lapsed.

3. Communication Transformation – Data-driven communication provides a 2-way communication between brands and consumers, which involves various customer engagement stages such as anonymous stage at the upper funnel up to loyalty stage at the lower funnel. And at the core of Communication Transformation, there is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that drives the total brand experiences for brands to maximize its LTV (Lifetime Value).

Antsomi is a regional marketing technology company building the first AI-enabled customer data platform, named CDP 365, native to Southeast Asia. CDP 365 has been recognized by CDP Institute as Delivery CDP, while it was also included in Forrester’s “Now Tech: Customer Data Platforms In Asia Pacific, Q4 2021” Report.