1st November 2023 marked the official launch of the Vietnam MarTech Network. Antsomi Vietnam is one of its founding members, while Antsomi’s co-founder Dinh Le Dat is also its vice president.

The formation of Vietnam MarTech Network was officiated in the event.
Dat presented the MarTech trends in the conference.

The official ceremony was held at the Vietnam MarTech Innovation 2023 conference, which also invited regional delegates from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Japan as speakers, including:
⭐️ Claudian Navin Stanislaus – President, Malaysian Advertisers Association
⭐️ Eileen Ooi – President, Malaysian Digital Association
⭐️ Dian Gemiano – Chairman, Indonesia Digital Association
⭐️ Janoe Arijanto – Chairman, Indonesia Agency Association
⭐️ Eakchai Parichatikanon – Founding member, MarTech Association of Thailand
⭐️ Casper Sermsuksan – EVP, Thai Startup Association
⭐️ Michihiko Suganuma – Senior Executive Officer, Head of Global Business Group, D.A. Consortium Inc.
⭐️ Joe Nguyen – Senior Strategic Advisor, H+

The event also acted as a connector to connect the mentioned associations, organisations, and personnel and form strong regional ties. This will be a good starting point for all of them to do more great things for Southeast Asia!

The Antsomi team took the opportunity to meet up with our clients and partners in the event.