Antsomi won the Best Solution award in the B2B category in the Best Solution Awards 2023!

The prestigious award was organised by Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM), recognizing the renowned technologies and solutions in the industry.

Antsomi is a regional marketing technology company building the first artificial intelligence-enabled customer data platform, CDP 365, in Southeast Asia, with the mission to transform businesses into data-driven companies.

Antsomi CDP 365 helps companies unify their customer data from multiple sources, such as mobile apps, web, social media, digital ads, CRM, POS, offline channels, etc. It then delivers relevant activations with rich personalization across multiple touchpoints via both online and offline. Antsomi CDP 365 empowers companies to understand their customers’ behavior and intent across various channels and build a 1-to-1 customer journey at scale.

Antsomi is headquartered in Singapore, with branch offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.